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Twentieth Century Art Theory

with Professor Marie

spring 2011

Thursday Section

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Week 3: 2/10: Form Follows Function:
  1. Angeline Izquierdo
  2. Anna Brazeau

Week 4: 2/17: Art & Politics:
  1. Natalie Walser
  2. Sydnee Haley

Week 6: 3/3: Critical Theories:
  1. Tressa Schabes
  2. Annie Mooney

Week 7: 3/10: What Is a Sign?
  1. Sara Dauer
  2. Grace Lee
  3. Dustin Ruppenstein

Week 8: 3/17: What Is a Subject?
  1. Marnissa D. Gay
  2. Brent Hjertstedt

Week 9: 3/31: Postmodernism: Death of the Author/Subject
  1. Mary Saran
  2. Samantha Doyle